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are you happy?
aphasia and stroke (pre-stroke/post-stroke)
85% health / 10% work / 5% whatever
planet-based foods
I am converging to a plant-based diet. Slowwwly
I’m science-based.

number one thing use your health:
the whole plant-based food/Nutrition
the only diet that real works – totalistiti and completely – across different age group, across different society is a totally eating on the whole plant-based food is the best health for the most number of years. Period.

I’ma 6 here 2 reasons:
1, Mom . It honor of her.
2. I can’t stand it. (Aphasia and stroke) .. health is so important. I don’t know health!
3. maximum food output.
4. ‎Whole plant-based food? Plant-based food? I you’re are plant?
5. ‎research
6. ‎social gathering?
7. ‎korea – ?
8. ‎heme?

The 97% of cures of disease
Im no cures
Im many hours in can doctor get in medical training? 0
No nutritions

I’m recovering. 100% mental, but I still have some trouble speaking and typing.
High blood pressure is a killer
Frustratfion is the enemy
Patience is the key
1 year I can be back to normal… some what normal.
one day at a time, day by day

I am Smarter Than Your Doctor
When it comes to nutrition and health, yes I am

Simply put, medical doctors study medicine: diseases, medication, surgery and medical care–NOT NUTRITION, and are not qualified to give nutrition advice!

In fact, Mom is going to be reason for my talk.
in fact, TED talk aphasia and stroke and physical therapy and innovation.

get out the way, re-injuring our self, and the naturals (lets the bodies) healing properties bring us back to the health we were original feeling

I don’t eat:
fish/seafood (tuna, swordfish, shrimp, etc)
dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, etc)
oil (breaks down the walls with your blood vessel. Walls break down Plaque )

Raw vegan method
whole plant-based

Dr. Micheal Greger, MD, How Not To Die
Dr. Micheal Klaper
Dr. Garth Davis, Surgeon
Dr. Neal Bernard
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, , PhD

Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet Guide

Dr. John McDougall



McDougall Recipes

the guardian number 1 meat and dairy after megatrends climate climate change

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